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5 Benefits of Galvanized Steel

  • Galvanized steel is a very popular metal because of its durability and applicability. Many industries are able to utilize galvanized steel in a variety of projects. Steel is often a preferred manufacturing material because it is naturally pest resistant and stands strong against wind and snow. Galvanization is a process during manufacturing wherein steel is coated with zinc for protection and to prevent rusting of the metal. Newone, Inc Hot Dip Galvanizing. is a company with 30 years of experience that specializes in hot dip galvanization technology. Call today at 1-858-598-5328 to find out more! There are many benefits of galvanized steel and following are the top FIVE.

    benefits galvanized steel HDG

    Cost of Galvanizing

    The galvanizing process is often lower in cost upfront than other coatings that are more labor intensive, such as painting. Even in instances when another coating option is cheaper up front, long term cost is much lower. It doesn’t require any additional preparation, meaning as soon as companies receive it, they are able to put it to use immediately, keeping the production chain going. Galvanized steel requires less maintenance and lasts longer equalling lower long term costs as well.


    Longevity is a huge factor in the quality aspect of galvanized steel. It can last up to 20 years under extreme water exposure and up to 100 years under normal circumstances. Water is the main troublesome element for steel, causing rust and corrosion. Reliability and durability are a key feature of galvanized steel. When steel is hot-dipped in zinc, it creates an incredibly durable bond because it starts at the molecular level. The tough coating, made of zinc, corrodes first helping to further protect the steel. The zinc coating is extremely resistant to rust. The way that hot dipped galvanized steel works protects all parts of the structure, including those areas that are normally inaccessible.


    Galvanized steel is easy to clean. So easy it only involves spraying it down with water. For a shinier look, wipe down the surface with a soft cloth after spraying it with water. When needed, it only requires minimal re-coating, and that isn’t often at all. Additionally, its durability makes it abrasion resistant and absorbs impact, meaning it is less likely to need maintenance. Being low-maintenance also means fewer disruptions to production.

    Easy to Inspect

    Galvanized steel is readily assessed by the eye. If you look at galvanized steel and it looks to be in good condition, then it is. No need to worry about what is lurking underneath. Zinc has a sacrificial nature that automatically protects the small areas of steel that may be exposed over time. Simple testing can be done, although it usually isn’t even necessary, the naked eye will do just fine.

    Ready to Use

    Galvanized steel is ready to use as soon as it is received, meaning customers can get right to work with their manufactured products. There are a few methods of galvanizing steel; hot-dip, galvannealing, pre-galvanizing, and electrogalvanizing. Hot-dip is by far the most common due to its economical and versatile features. Other benefits of galvanized steel include its attractive finish, good foundation for decorative elements and easy integration with other materials. Additionally, zinc and steel are both natural substances that are recyclable, making them environmentally sustainable. With 30 years of experience, Newone, Inc. works to provide quality materials efficiently to their customers. Our focus is on safety, maintenance and methodology, all of which combine to create an efficient environment to bring our galvanized steel products to you timely. Call us today at 1-858-598-5328 or email us at We look forward to working with you!

    benefits galvanized steel HDG