About us

No.1 Galvanizing Company

NEWONE INC specializes on galvanizing technologies and its products.

Looking for top tier galvanizing services?
Our Headquarters is located at
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd #110
San Diego, CA 92111

Our Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG) Plant is located strategically in Mexico at
Prolongación Don Luis de la Rosa S/N
Col. Ampliación Benito Juárez
Mun. Playas de Rosarito, BC 22706

Under the name of NEWONE ENTERPRISE, S.A. DE C.V.

Our goals


Safety objectives in the manufacturing area of a company improve the productivity by reducing time losses made by accidents. By this mean, qualified employees would remain on their jobs instead of being out of duty due to injury.


Machines' life extends by improving equipment throw regularly maintenance, which maximizes its efficiency and makes it safer for all employees.


The more efficient a production method is, the less it costs to execute. Strategic objectives for improving production methods look for duplicate processes that can be eliminated, production methods that can be combined to lower costs and find ways in which materials can be procured to increase efficiency.

Our approach

A quantifiable strategic objective for manufacturing is creating production goals for each manufacturing segment.

These goals are created in conjunction with sales projections that establish the demand numbers that the company uses as manufacturing guidelines.

Each employee should be given objectives for maintaining production volume, and those numbers should be evaluated regularly to determine if training or other changes need to be implemented to achieve the objectives.